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Patient: July 2016 
I have had an amazing experience with Dr Hull.
I have had a fear of dentists since I was a small child, due to some traumatic experiences with dentists.
This caused me to not visit any dentist for many years.
I finally decided to visit Jeff Hull, and the experience was amazing. Dr Hull made me feel extremely comfortable, he was not judgemental and he explained everything he wanted to do in detail. He gave me different options and explained the pros and cons of each, as well as the estimated cost.
The staff at Dr Hull's office is exceptionally good, very friendly and competent. They make you relaxed and at ease.
I had to visit Dr Hull several times for all my procedures and every time has been great. Yes, I realize it sounds strange to call a visit to the dentist great, but I can't describe it in any other way.
I would highly recommend Dr Hull, especially if you like me have a fear of dentists.

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Patient #1

Dr. Hull has been my dentist for years and I will say that he cares and is very good. If there is an issue after he works on you (ie, crown does not feel right, fillings are uneven), he will fix them. He wants to make sure that your teeth remain your teeth for life.  He does not do something unless it needs to be done, but will err on the side of caution. An example of this is during a cleaning he found something on his exam the X-Ray did not show, and he did not like it. He took a closer look and it was the beginning of a cavity. He said he could fix that real quick and took me to a tretment room (he happened to have the time), and next thing I know it was done.

Overall I would recommend Dr. Hull in a heartbeat. He is always available, and cares about his patients. His office staff is just as caring and make you feel at ease.

Patient #2

Dr. Hull is my dentist. I visited him probably three weeks ago.
I like his quality of care and the price. I would use him in the future.

Patient #3

I called their office about 8:15 AM to request an emergency appointment because of severe pain I had been experiencing all weekend. Kelly, the very compassionate lady, who answered the phone offered me 2 options: today at 8:45 AM or  another later in the week. I immediately snapped up the emergency appointment available 15" from then. I hurriedly dressed & drove over as soon as I could & still was 5-min late. My apology was dismissed-all okay & understood. Got x-rayed & examined. Dr Hull very patiently listened to my tale of woe & tested the offending tooth & all surrounding with some kind "cold test" probe. After putting all the available information together & pondering, he decided the cause was most likely an abcess. He then presented me with a list of  treatment options. I decided to get a referral to an endodontist, whom I had seen previously, since his specialty is root canals. Dr Hull was fine with this & offered to get his scheduling person to call & make an  aeap appointment for me with the endodontist. Kim, on his staff, did this for me. She was very kind & said don't worry about payment today - that probably my insurance would take care of all - since emergency. She ended by saying if there are any further questions or problems, please call her back. She even fluffed up my hair in back since had been flattened by laying back in chair.
By the way, their address is 2300 Columbus Ave in Waco - not on Austin Ave.