Meet Dr Hull

Home of The Happy Smile

Jeff M. Hull, D.D.S.

Let's face it, few people want to go to the dentist, but since we all need to, why shouldn't it be a joyful experience?

When I began practicing dentistry in the late 70's, my main goal was to build a practice of friends, not just patients. This began with staff selection. All staff members practice what we call "Golden Rule dentistry": professional, personalized and conservative dental care performed in a joyous atmosphere--the manner we would want dentistry for ourselves. Many of our patients say they are more relaxed because "Dr. Hull and staff seem to be having a fun time".

The entire staff enjoys what they do: helping people restore, maintain and develop habits that lead to healthy mouths and happy smiles. Also, we recognize that some patients have dental phobias. Our "Cater to Cowards" philosophy, through relaxation and humor therapy, allows us to work with patients to minimize those fears while providing excellent dental care. Following a thorough assessment, if major treatment is needed, a scheduled appointment with me allows us to discuss a customized treatment plan, counseling, coaching and explaining your needs and options.

If you and your family are looking for a good dental home, come see us. We are waiting for you to share your smile and become a friend along the way.

Currently accepting new patients. We file insurance, have interest-free financing options available and offer free laughter and smiles.

To schedule an appointment for you or your family, please call 254-754-3505.